Happy 2017!

Happy 2017 fireworks

Time to look back in order to look ahead. Or not, considering how awful 2016 was.

2016 was rough. Thanks to social media, it felt like one beloved and/or influencial public figure after another left us in a continuous stream throughout the year. Even for those of us not experiencing death personally, there were other things that hit hard, like the US election and other events. I am still upset on behalf of the 1/3 of my immediate co-workers who were downsized out of their jobs this fall.

I think we all need good news moving forward, so that’s my wish for all of us: That 2017 heals the hurts of 2016 and gives us good news.

Happy New Year That’s Not 2016!

US presidential election 2016

This morning I doddle at home so I can catch the latest news at 7:30 AM. I learn that Pennsylvania has ensured Trump’s win. To my own surprise, I burst into tears. I repair my make-up and go to work. There, I discover I am the office political commentator, being the only American here. “What happened? How could America vote for Trump???” they want to know. “We can’t understand it. It’s inexplicable,” they say. And I reply, “No, it’s explicable.”
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TA-DA! My new bathroom!

12 days’ of my home turned into a construction site, finding bits of concrete in my bed every night, and concrete dust everywhere (I still have to clean all that up). And a bold floor that is not typical for a Norwegian bathroom. But it is done! Tomorrow morning will be the first weekday morning where I will not greet a tradesman, and I have my spare key back.

Finished bathroom - view towards door
Finished bathroom – view towards window

Finished bathroom - view towards door
Finished bathroom – view towards door
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