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Kind of sort of a Christmas letter

OK, so I didn’t write anything for a while here because, well, I didn’t like the other layout. WordPress updated with a new one I felt like fiddling with, so here I am.

I’m in consolidation mode. I probably should be shopping for Christmas presents, but instead, I’m writing a blog post (this one you’re reading right here) and trying to understand budgeting (again) using YNAB. You’re not supposed to use it as a way of tracking your bank accounts, so I’m going to try doing spending without involving bank account movements. I’m one of those people who spends what she has because it’s there. For 2015, I’m going to spend because it’s in the budget. We’ll see if my checking account survives this shocking change.

Life in Norway currently includes cold, wet weather with lots of thunderstorms (’tis the season) and stores open from 2-7 pm on Sundays for Christmas shopping. It also includes hunting for an alternative way to make eggnog, because that stuff simply doesn’t exist here. You can find Reese’s peanut butter cups, pumpkin pie mix, turkey, maple syrup (organic!) and corn on the cob, but they don’t have eggnog. This is what I get for befriending Americans. I’ve been living happily here since 1981 without eggnog. Now I want to make some. (Don’t worry, I’m still living happily here.)

Bergen bay during Tall Ships' Race 2014

I spent my summer vacation hanging out with the Americans who want eggnog. 2014 was a year of extremes. For many people, there was a lot of upheaval in their personal lives (I got down-sized and re-hired, myself), and even the weather was doing something it doesn’t normally do: Our wettest summer month was our driest and hottest. July offered a heatwave while Bergen was hosting the Tall Ships’ Race. It was four days of magic and Bergen at its best, ever.

I hope, even with all the crazy, that you too have landed on your feet in 2014. Happy holidays and cheers!



  1. I didn’t know you got thunderstorms in winter. Good luck with the budget. Mine always become “emergency relief funds” and emergencies happen regularly. Nice pics, as usual and I’m glad to see you’re back (glad to see your front, too!)

  2. Hey, you found the place! πŸ™‚

    We don’t usually get thunderstorms in summer. They usually accompany hail. I call my emergency fund my peace-of-mind fund because that’s really what it’s for: To help me stay calm no matter what might happen. Thanks re pics. πŸ™‚

  3. Merry Christmas Keera!

    I’m glad to see you return in some form – an awakening just in time for the new year. I have missed your writings and pictures, but it seems as if the time away has been good to you. I hope that you find time to jot a few items here now and again.

    Cheers to 2014!

  4. Lookin’ good!

    2014 was pretty sucky, but appears to be ending on a high note. We shall see. πŸ™‚

    I’ll stick ya in my reader.

  5. **Tink!!** Great photos!!

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