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Settling into a new home

So I got my own domain something like four years ago, and the stuff I have here is still in limbo.

It’s like moving house: Taking everything I have in the old home, and trying to make it fit and function in the new one. Some things look fine, some don’t fit, some have no purpose in the new place. And some things end up in new configurations that bring new joy and discovery.

I’m hoping very much for that last. I have this website/blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Flickr (because I discovered I’d better have an extra back-up of my photos). In trying to post something everywhere, I’m feeling scattered.

I like short tweets. I like instantly posting a photo. But I also like having complete control over my own stuff and waxing on about it, offering far more than 140 characters at a time and why not a handful photos, too?

The one thing that bugs me the most is Facebook. It’s like a bar that you hate, but all your friends love it so that’s where you meet and spend your time and money even though it sucks and you all discuss finding somewhere else, but can’t quite make the move.

So instead of posting on Facebook, I’ll update here. Fantastic stuff like, “I’m eating salad with a spoon. Can’t spear nuts.” OK, maybe that should go on Twitter.

What can go here are some photos from a walk around town recently:

Nedre Fjellsmug (Lower Mountain Alley) offers a rather pretty intersection.

Nedre Fjellsmug

Nedre Fjellsmug

Bergen has acquired a couple of organic cafés in recent years. Grandma and her chainsaw (Mormor med motorsagen) hangs in Bastant in Steinkjellergaten.

Mormor med motorsagen

Art at Bastant Kafé

An unusual view of Bergen. The roofs of Radisson Blu Hotel Bryggen and to their right, the twin towers of St. Mary’s church (Mariakirken).

Bergen roofs in sunshine and Mariakirken

Bergen roofs in sunshine and Mariakirken

At some point, I’ll write about visiting Oslo on Labor Day weekend in May. In the meantime:

Yours truly in Oslo, in front of Stortinget (parliament)

Yours truly in Oslo, in front of Stortinget (parliament)

OK, that was fun! I feel like I finally unpacked all the boxes and put everything away.


  1. LOVE Nedre Fjellsmug and the terrifying granny with the chainsaw! xox

  2. Love the new place! Is the sidebar background one of your photos?

  3. Yay! Congrats! It’s been a long time and I’ve missed your bloggery. Lovely photo of you. 🙂

    I have my photos auto backed up to One Drive, which is the free Microsoft cloud service you get with W8+. It’s been working out great, and I’ve cancelled the auto backup to G+ because it was annoying. I still have Flickr though ~ it has a nice, free photo-editing service and I sometimes need that. Though it’s not as good, of course, as the PSP I used to have on the dead laptop. Not really sure if I need to shell out for PSP at this point again. Paint is poop.

    I sort of have a system of deciding where to poast what. Long babbles go on the blarg. Short stuff of any topic that feels convo-generating will go on FB. Twitter gets the leftover short stuff and also I do some of the #games there. I still don’t really enjoy Twitter all that much but it has inspired some poetry.

    • Oops I still have G+ backup. I don’t pay much attention to it though. I only like it for the special effects now, like when it makes a “story” out of a pile of photos for one afternoon.

    • Thanks, Paula! You are one of my inspirations for blogging. I think too that Facebook just isn’t writer/writing friendly. A girl needs paragraphs, y’know? Lots and lots of paragraphs.

      My Mac has a lot of built-in basics for photo stuff, but after I thought I lost one of my ‘puters, I decided an extra back-up was in order. Flickr still has 18000 photos to upload for me.

      As for fancier photo editing, I finally tried pixlr.com. The web version. I’m definitely using it again.

  4. Glad you are moved and adapting and I really appreciate your Facebook analogy. I always enjoy your photos and granny with a (Stihl) chainsaw looks like something I might see around here. You look so happy in front of the Stortinget it makes me smile.

    • Thanks, Jon! A Stihl, huh? Didn’t know that. Now I do.

      As for looking happy, I had a dear friend on the other side of the camera. That always helps. 🙂

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