So, as a way to keep myself writing, and also to share some photos with you, I’ve decided to just pick something competely random. And honestly, the random date generator I used has no idea when I take good pictures. But I’m going with what I found, anyway.

First up: December 2013, or thereabouts. Because I’m saving some nicer stuff for last (I eat like that, too), and me red-faced from a shower isn’t my best look. 😛

This is me getting ready for a Christmas party. I remember the evening well: It was the first (and so far, only) time I’d ever had “smalahove“. Basically a half sheep’s head, cured and steamed, eyeball intact. It’s a delicacy from Voss and it tastes like mutton. I did not try the eye; it’s edible but do not eat the pupil as that’s bitter (they tell me). Anyway, lots of meat on cheeks and stuff, but kind of picky to eat. Sheep have interesting-looking teeth, by the way.

(Yes, that’s a poster of a space shuttle in the background. Took that down when I remodeled the bathroom.)

Back in 2010, I was still getting acupuncture treatment for an injured shoulder, which had me walking past this little stream to my bus stop home in Åsane, next to some big box stores and a highway. I have since learned that this little stream contains some important, local aquatic fauna that needs to be conserved (details now escape me 8 years later). Doesn’t look important, does it. But it is, even as just an invitation to stop for an extra moment to draw a deep breath.

When this next photo popped up, also from June 2010, it took me a moment to remember why I took it. This is the view I see on my walk to work since I pass by our local shopping mall/community center. At first, I thought I was attracted to the line that the street lamps on the upper level parking lot were creating. Or was it something about the mountain, Løvstakken? Or maybe it was the clouds creating an absolutely straight line, right at the height of Løvstakken? Yeah, that’s it!