Because I didn’t take any photos on this day in 2015…

Autumn in 2018 in a lot like autumn in 2014: We’re at about the same level of yellowness this year; maybe a tad more. Just a tad.

Flashback to 2014: Autumn begins

Two years ago, I photographed my 1970’s (!) bathroom as a memory of what was. So, here’s the same room at more or less the same angle, before and after (the toilet is in the exact same position):

Flashback to September 2016: My bathroom before renovation
Flashback to September 2016: My bathroom after renovation

In the sink is the cardboard note from the plumbers not to use the sink until the sealant has dried. Also in the shot is my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because that’s how I do things: Without thinking it completely through. 😀 I used my real camera to take the picture and put my cell phone down for—scale? That was good phone. And hopefully recycled responsibly since I traded it in for a Samsung Galaxy S8 a year ago. A year ago I also treated myself to flowers. I do that sometimes.

I buy myself flowers; these are from last year