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Month: November 2018

Pages in menu updated:

  • Added a forgotten photo description to “Header pics”
  • Added some new things to “How un-American ;-)”


If you follow me on Instagram, you will recognize some of these photos. Leaving the good stuff only to IG isn’t fair to my blog only readers, so here you go!

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Lisa’s Eleven

A little musing and sharing via eleven questions thought up by Lisa and found via Paula.

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Made me a favicon

Just because.

Sagittarian whimsy


In my ongoing journey to figure myself and life and all that stuff out, I’m now trying to learn about non-attachment. Attachment = expectation. In “The Shack”, they suggest you ditch the noun and go for the verb: Expecting. That is making more and more sense to me. Expectation sets you up for failure; expecting opens you up.

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At the root: Fractals

“Once physical disease is ruled out, it is time to consider the root cause of most mental depression: a lack of love and connection in life (not a lack of serotonin).”

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