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If you follow me on Instagram, you will recognize some of these photos. Leaving the good stuff only to IG isn’t fair to my blog only readers, so here you go!

First up is from earlier this fall, in the neighborhood of our university, at Øysteins gate. I think Øystein was a king. We have a bunch of king names in this neighborhood, like Sigurd and Sverre and Magnus Barfot (Magnus Barefoot; apparently, he wore shorts). 

Next is from two months later, i.e. last night. Another street named for a king: Olav Kyrre, who was the founder of Bergen, Norway, in 1070. The street now is a main transit hub in town. (Weirdly, our bus station isn’t.) I was waiting for my bus after my annual lutefisk dinner. (It was delicious.) I need to go back because the Christmas lights in the city park (Byparken) are new this year.

And finally, one of those rare moments when everything just comes together. Right place, right time kind of thing. Last week, we were covered in frost, and everything was coated in glittering, white fuzz. A low, warm sun added perfect light to a corner of my local pond, Ortuvann, transforming ordinary into magical.

You may be thinking the above was taken late in the day, but it’s date-stamped with a time of 12:54. Nearly high noon and yet shadows are very long. Such is winter at 60 degrees north.


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for treating us non-IG folks to the pics. 😀

  2. So beautiful! The last pic is stunning!

  3. Lovely. I think it looks great.

  4. First time to visit…I appreciate the lovely photos.

  5. So, what is your IG username, may I ask? (I am rdegr)

  6. The photos are gorgeous. I especially enjoyed the frosty river scene! I’m in Minnesota and do plein aire painting in addition to astrology, so I love they many grays of winter.

    • Thanks and welcome! I’ve seen your art on Instagram. I love your style, and it generally reminds me of my grandma’s art. Perhaps I should do a blog post. 🙂

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