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Pages in menu updated:

  • Added a forgotten photo description to “Header pics”
  • Added some new things to “How un-American ;-)”

Made me a favicon

Just because.

Sagittarian whimsy

Some bloggers I read have Like-buttons on their posts and I like those. Sometimes you don’t know what to say, or there really isn’t anything to say, but you do want the other person to know you saw what they wrote. So I now have Like and Share-buttons on my (coming) posts, and Like also on (new) comments.  (Thanks to the code on Paula’s blog I found which widget to install. Also, read her blog!)


I like to do stuff myself (mostly), so I’m in charge of WordPress updates to my blog. And the last one messed up due to a bug reported in February. (Always follow WordPress blog if you have a WordPress-driven blog.)

So this site has been down for 7 days.

And the funny thing about not being able to do something, is that then you really, really, really want to do it!

So I had a number of ideas for blog posts – none of which happened near pen and paper and no way to publish anyway, so I didn’t write anything down and now I can’t remember. Not to worry. On a podcast I heard that creativity creates more creativity. Once you start dishing it out, it keeps coming. So I should be able to think of things to say if I just get started.

I also got challenged to get away from Facebook and back to (more) blogging by a fellow blogger. (Again, wanted to write, but couldn’t.)

Now that I’m back in business (and a lot wiser about updating and backups and such), I definitely want to spend more time here.


Wee changes to the blog. Found another standard WordPress theme to have fun with, other/new pics rotating in header, and changes to fixed pages. “About the blog” is gone (info is now part of “About Me”) and new page about the header pics added.

Layout tweaking and a couple of pages (not posts) added, including one about ho’oponopono, because that’s important to me.

Trying to figure out categories and tags in WordPress. I think I’m getting there: Few categories, lots and lots of tags. (Also, this post is an “aside”.)


I feel like Dr. Frankenstein, breathing life into something made up of various bits and pieces from other lives. You can see what I mean on my Historical sites page.

Hopefully I’ll create a friendly monster. So please don’t send out the villagers with their pitchforks and torches.