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I am no longer a documented alien or immigrant. I am a documented Norwegian citizen now. Check this out: Continue reading

US presidential election 2016

This morning I doddle at home so I can catch the latest news at 7:30 AM. I learn that Pennsylvania has ensured Trump’s win. To my own surprise, I burst into tears. I repair my make-up and go to work. There, I discover I am the office political commentator, being the only American here. “What happened? How could America vote for Trump???” they want to know. “We can’t understand it. It’s inexplicable,” they say. And I reply, “No, it’s explicable.”
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Voting California-style

I_voted sticker

I voted sticker #LAvotes

I got my absentee ballot today from the Los Angeles Country Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. Voting in the US is quite different than in Norway. And a lot more fun. I just voted on condom use for adult film performers.
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